Meet Kelsi

Hi. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you stick around and enjoy a bit of reading. I am the creator of Shameless Beauty, which is part memoir, part travelogue, part poetry journal, and part reviews/recommendations. You probably want to know more about who I am.

I originally hail from the great state of Texas, San Antonio to be exact. I was born singing, but after indulging in everything from jazz to rap to eighties power ballads, I took my lungs to Anderson University in Indiana to get “properly” trained. I have spent the majority of my operatic career cross-dressing, as most mezzo-sopranos (schiffenfach if you want to get technical) do. I unexpectedly fell in love with a Maui boy shortly after graduation and temporarily traded in my audition heels for marriage and motherhood. Although the latter has made pursuing music more difficult, I seize whatever opportunities come my way.

Music has taken me all over the world. The choir I sang with in college did a concert tour through Norway, Finland, and Sweden. I have traveled with the Metro Big Band Jazz Orchestra as their lead vocalist to Portugal and Guatemala (while I was six months pregnant with my daughter). I have performed with the Indianapolis Opera, San Antonio Opera, South Texas Lyric Opera, and Maui Onstage in the historic Iao Theatre. I have given concerts in beautiful, private residences, jazz clubs, ancient cathedrals, and art museums. I look forward to the new destinations music will take me.

I am also a writer and lover of art, which lends itself nicely to the amount of traveling I enjoy. I am passionate about freedom, rest, and spiritual discovery. I am still trying to get the hang of nomadic nesting, but I love all of the adventures that come alongside globetrotting with an ever-expanding family. I am currently located in Saba, Dutch Caribbean training up three little people and sampling local mores while my husband attends medical school. In my spare time, I sing at our church, take naps, write poetry, watch way too much Mickey Mouse Club, date my husband, bake gluten-free delicacies, practice yoga, create tropical cocktails, and contribute to Red Tent Living as well as the island megablog Women Who Live on Rocks.

None of this would matter at all if my hope were not tethered to Jesus Christ; maybe you’ve heard of him? Life can be rough, and we need an anchor. I would be lost at sea or probably dead if it weren’t for mine.

Love and hugs to you all!