Reunions and Magic

I sat just outside of my favorite ice cream parlour in my new pineapple pencil skirt from Anthropologie, anxiously awaiting the arrival of one of my best friends. Two uncoordinated trips just happened to overlap for a little over twelve hours, and we seized the opportunity to re-connect. As soon as I saw her walking across the parking lot with her newly expanded family, my heart leapt for joy! She now lives in North Carolina, and I live in Hawaii. Visits are few and far between, but we always pick up right where we left off.

My recent journey to San Antonio, Texas to celebrate my mom’s 29th birthday was full of joyous reunions. My mom and I spent so many hours shopping at our favorite stores, eating at our favorite culinary spots, and talking in our pjs around the house. I got to share meals with all four of my grandparents, as well as the ever fabulous Aunt Wendy. I shot the breeze with my dad over French press every morning and good beer almost every evening. I sang karaoke with my ridiculously talented musician brother at one of my mom’s birthday parties, and got to laugh with him often as life with Kyle usually goes. I got to devour more Italian bread than is healthy for most humans with my beautiful younger sister Devon while exploring the heart of Austin. I had tea with my grandma Marilyn, and watched home improvement shows with my grandma Connie. I got to engage in the hallmarks of each relationship I have with those whom I love so dearly.

Reunions are magical.

One week later had me in the same circumstances, pulling up to a local coffee shop with my daughter on my hip, anticipating the moment I would get to hug a dear friend whom I had not seen in 3 years. We walked to a nearby breakfast joint to share all that we had experienced over the last three years, the heartbreaks, the challenges, the dreams, and the travels.

I am struck by how easy deep connections remain over time and distance. Love cannot be stopped by shifting zipcodes. Hugs after long periods apart are precious and make me SO EXCITED for Heaven. Although a small aspect, it is nevertheless glorious.
And then there are THE words. The phrase that captures hellos and goodbyes and wraps them up in hope: Until next time…

Reunions are magical.