In Review: “Long Days of Small Things” by Catherine McNiel

Motherhood is grueling, but there are abundant opportunities for growth and joy amidst the sacrifices made on a daily basis. Reading is a respite for me, a way I recharge my batteries, so I want to spend my reading time well. I am so glad I stumbled across author Catherine McNiel and her gorgeous book “Long Days of Small Things: Motherhood as a Spiritual Discipline.” She poetically turns the piles of laundry and diapers into rich moments of reflection and purpose.

This may be my favorite book about motherhood, period. It is unique, refreshing, beautifully written, profound, honest, and revelational. It has been a long time since I have read a “mom” book that was more than anecdotal and mildly inspiring. Each chapter I finished was my new favorite, and I re-read sections often just to let her lovely prose wash over me one more time. She deals with the spirit of mothering rather than just sharing parent fail/victory stories, which have their place, but the motivations of motherhood stay true regardless of what your parenting style ultimately becomes. I am growing weary of the  “Mom-oirs” because they are all starting to sound the same. Even the spiritual lessons being extrapolated are the same. Not with Catherine. Pick up a copy for yourself here . You will come away moved and inspired to redeem the work motherhood.