Five Favorite Things: December

Every month I pull together the five best “things” I have enjoyed, whether that is a place, a restaurant, makeup, a recipe, a book, a movie, food, fashion and accessories, etc. I love supporting good companies with big hearts, and talented artists, authors, musicians, entrepreneurs, and products. I hope you enjoy these goods as much as I have.

  1. “NOW/HERE” by: Crystal Spring Gibbins – I love poetry, and this poet is one I stumbled upon, and I am so glad I did. Her writing is literally like a breath of fresh air. My mind and spirit feel cleansed after engaging with her work. It is very elemental, mixing observations of nature with spiritual connections. The images she spins are sparse, but lovely. She has perfectly captured the quiet sacredness of a walk by the lake. Crystal lives in Wisconsin and is the editor in chief of Split Rock Review. For $9.02 you can grab a new copy through amazon. Check her out, you won’t be disappointed.
  2. Justin’s Organic Mini Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups – I stash bags of these bad boys in my dresser. It is the perfect little pop of protein and sweet in the afternoons.  The dark chocolate is ethically sourced, fair-trade, AND rainforest alliance certified. Justin’s is doing it right. This is for ANYONE who loves chocolate and peanut butter. Amazon is currently selling six-bag bundles for $25.59.
  3. The Wildflower Clutch by Noonday Collection – I use this clutch! It is the perfect size to fit a few diapers and wipes in when I am running errands with the kids, or as a small date night purse when all I need is lipstick, wallet, and phone. The bright colors featuring traditional Peruvian motifs are hand woven by women in rural regions making a living for themselves and their families. Each ethically made piece is exquisitely designed and lined with cotton. For $78 this gorgeous clutch will solve all of your problems. Look at the adorable wool pom-poms on the zipper! Better get yours quick, because these are selling out fast. Wildflower Clutch
  4. JusTea: Purple Chocolate  I have struggled to find a tea that was hearty enough for an afternoon pick me up, but not too caffeinated. Mix in my wariness of the ethics of many commercial tea companies, and I was coming up empty. Just in time for the holidays I met JusTea, recommended to me by one of my favorite authors Sarah Bessey. This company buys direct-fair-trade from their partners in Kenya, resulting in small batch, “hand plucked” tea. It is certified non-GMO and pesticide free. Could it get more awesome? Yes, yes it can. Purple leaves are purported to carry twice the antioxidants of green tea, with half the amount of caffeine. Combine the delicate, lightly sweet flavor of rose petals with cocoa shells and we have a match made in heaven. One tin (about 40 cups) is currently going for $12.99 on amazon.
  5. The Modern Leather Tote by Noonday Collection – I know I know, another Noonday Collection bag, but ya’ll, they are SO AWESOME! And the stories behind them are even cooler. Each bag represents dignity for an artisan rising out of adverse circumstances, whether that is extreme poverty, inequality, illness, human trafficking, or natural disasters. This particular bag is handmade in India out of goat leather. A natural vegetable tanning process is used, resulting in a toxic-free bag that ages naturally and gracefully without requiring extra treatment. The leather darkens over time becoming a lovely shade of chestnut. This bag is roomy, and perfectly organized, with slots for your phone, lip gloss, pen, hand sanitizer (in my case), and a clip for your keys. I love that I can fit everything in this purse, and still find everything. This tote is a workhorse without the heft. For only $198 you can start your relationship with your new forever bag! modern-leather-tote-inside-2

*this post contains affiliate links- any purchases made through these links gives a little bit back to my business. Thank you for supporting my work 🙂