Five Favorite Things: January

Throughout this month I have been enjoying some wonderful books, drinks, snacks, beauty products, and fashion, and want to share my five favorites with you here.

  1. Brew’s Lee Tea Even if you don’t fancy yourself a Bubble Tea kind of person, this little shop is still worth a visit, because I am pretty sure they will change your mind. Located in San Antonio, Texas, on Broadway within the “boardwalk” area just shy of the Witte Museum, Brew’s Lee features an extensive menu of flavors and mixtures, even offering split cups, so you can try two different flavors in one drink. I had never seen a cup like this until I came to this establishment. The staff were super helpful and friendly, and on your first visit, you will most likely get a free sample of some of their flavors. You can even choose the amount of sweetener you want in your drink. The shop is cute and peaceful, with board games and access to the boardwalk. If you are in the area, please stop by and give Brew’s Lee some much deserved business. My personal favorite is the Rose Milk Tea with coconut milk and tapioca pearls at the bottom. Yum!
  2. Atitlan Tote by: Noonday Collection. If you are looking for a “catch all” kind of bag, this vibrant, handwoven tote from Guatemala is your best bet. LOOK at those colors? I get comments every time I go somewhere with this beauty. Heading to the beach? This bag has got you covered. Heading to the kids museum with all the littles in tow? Have no fear, Atitlan is here!  Ya’ll, there is SO MUCH room in this bag!!! I can fit an insulated lunch bag, multiple pouches full of snacks for the kids, change of clothes, books, wallet, water bottles, beach towel, you name it. The cotton weave is sturdy, with interior lining, and one zippered pocket. The soft leather straps are strong, and provide a grounding touch to balance the brightness of the colors. Because the tote is not a structured bag, it fits under a stroller quite nicely, or if you find yourself chilling by an ocean, you can fold over the top to keep sand out. Pair it with the lovely El Dorado Earrings from Brazil and you have got a winning boho beach combo. But, the best part of the Atitlan Tote is that it supports artisans in Guatemala passing on the time honored tradition of weaving, to the next generation. This work creates a flexible job for women who would otherwise have a hard time finding work. With small, portable looms, this craft can be done just about anywhere, even with the kids playing nearby. Let’s support our sisters worldwide by purchasing items that contribute to their flourishing. Not sure how much longer this bag will be available, so grab yours before it goes extinct. atitlan tote
  3. Honest Beauty Everyday Radiance Moisturizer I have long been an Honest Beauty fan, preferring their Refreshingly Clean Gel Cleanser to any other face wash I have used. Lately I have been looking for a good day and night time moisturizer that is  both nutrient dense AND lightweight. The Everyday Radiance moisturizer fits the bill in all categories. The non-toxic, slightly sweet botanical scent brings a smile to my face and the cream applies very smoothly. It is perfect for under makeup, or to nourish your skin during the night time hours. I love supporting Honest Co, as they are a certified B corporation, and donate funds to different social programs supporting education and women’s healthcare. Let’s use our dollars for good. I highly recommend this moisturizer and this company.
  4. Paola Clutch by: Brave Soles. Brave Soles is a female owned company that is committed to creating dignified work through ethical production and sustainable fashion. They have all kinds of products for men, women, and children, but the Paola Clutch is my current fave. These sophisticated yet versatile clutches are made of locally sourced leather and upcycled tire inner tube accents in the Dominican Republic. With a change pocket, space for your cards, and ample room for lipstick and a phone, this baby is the perfect eco-friendly accent for any outfit. I love the simple elegance of the antique brass collar button closure, and the feminine scalloped edges of the leather. Gorgeous, light-weight, sustainable fashion-what more could you want in a clutch?
  5. CHOMPS Free Range Antibiotic Free Turkey Jerky Snack Sticks. With three kids under the age of three, my hands are usually quite full. I don’t always have the time (or honestly patience) to get a “real meal” in during the mid morning hours. However, sufficient protein is key to keeping my energy levels up. I already love jerky, so these gluten free, paleo, dairy free, sugar free, Whole 30 compliant turkey jerky sticks are perfect! I keep some in the car, I throw them in my purse or diaper bag, so I can “chomp” one down in a hurry, but still get the nutrition I need to carry me through till dinner. 10 grams of protein and only 70 calories. That is a fantastic snack. Don’t like turkey? They also have beef 🙂 You can find them at Trader Joe’s or you can buy in bulk (I use subscribe and save for an extra 15% off discount) from Amazon.


*this post contains affiliate links- any purchases made through these links gives a little bit back to my business. Thank you for supporting my work 🙂