New Poems Published at “Voice of Eve”

I am thrilled and humbled to announce that three of my poems, “Breath,” “Daughter of Eve,” and “Berries and Ponies,” are published with the beautiful literary arts magazine, Voice of Eve. You can access Issue 12, in which my work is featured, for FREE at this link.

“Breath” is actually one of the first poems I ever wrote. I wanted to capture the magic of meeting somebody for the first time; of how relationships happen and are formed, whether just for a moment, or for the rest of our lives. I think of all the opportunities to know and be known and how special they are in light of “word” becoming flesh. All of humanity exists together in a raw reflection of God.

“Daughter of Eve” is my salvation story in a way. It is my attempt to connect with the first woman, as an extension of her mission to gather all in the fold of life, faith, and love. We struggle, we are afraid, we strive, and we are born over and over in a “womb of laughter and dreams.” We find identity in each other’s stories and empathy, gathering strength as we join hands to “dust fragrant fears off many calloused feet.”

“Berries and Ponies” was written after going strawberry picking with my children, my mom, and my grandparents. I was struck by the opposite ends of the spectrum from which my daughter and my grandmother were plucking berries from bushes and soil. The whole of my daughter’s life is before her, while the whole of my grandmother’s life is, in large part, behind her. How unique that they can till the same land. My daughter is just forming her work and her dreams. My grandmother has spent her life faithfully loving and serving, planting seeds both physically and spiritually. I imagined the memories from her childhood, “hung around the neck of a pony, bareback and free…curls bouncing like the berries in her basket wouldn’t fall.”

These poems are also featured in my forthcoming full-length collection with Finishing Line Press, titled, “Buried in the Margins.” Preorder your copy today!

I hope you are seen and inspired by the words you read. Please comment with your favorite piece, and what struck a chord with you?

As always, thank you for your love and support.